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20 to 23 March, Elements of Byron, NSW

Terra Nova, a retreat that grounds your personal and professional growth in the beauty of nature.

Step into Byron Bay’s award-winning beachfront resort, where barefoot luxury meets absolute tranquility. Experience transformative growth at Terra Nova, where shared experiences and practical insights shape success. Join us to align your goals with actionable strategies and embark on your next chapter.

Ignite’s Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles aren’t simply a mandate on behaviour. Instead, they’re born from the very heart of EO’s community spirit and values. Consider them an invitation, an open hand, guiding you towards interactions that enrich everyone’s experience at Ignite 2024.

Together We Grow

Our commitment runs deep – to one another's success and well-being. At Ignite, it's about cherishing our contrasts. From diverse cultures, backgrounds, and individual journeys, we find unity, coming together as one united human family.

Trust and Respect

Every individual is valued, unique, and equal. This isn't just a principle – it's EO's heartbeat, and Ignite embodies it. Embracing diverse viewpoints with an open heart, we create a space where everyone can be wholly themselves.

Thirst for Learning

Our curiosity knows no bounds. Beyond workshops and classes, learning thrives in our questions, new experiences, and keen interest in each member's life and insights. Ignite is our canvas to explore, learn, and broaden our understanding.

Think Big, Be Bold

Innovation is our compass. With audacity, we aim to better the world for our teams, loved ones, communities, and humanity. Entrepreneurship isn't just business – it's our tool to better the world. At Ignite, we uncover paths to make a meaningful impact.


Every soul at Ignite 2024 is valued and embraced, highlighting the essence of each individual's uniqueness.

Communal Effort

We treasure collaboration and creativity. Staying attuned to others, we advocate for interactions that elevate and inspire, ensuring Ignite remains a beacon of positivity for all.


Ignite champions self-reliance, urging everyone to tap into their intuition and employ sound judgment.

Leaving No Trace

Our commitment to Mother Nature is unwavering. When we converge for Ignite, we ensure our mark is ephemeral, always striving to enhance our surroundings.


At Ignite, participation is more than an act – it's an ethic. Deep, personal involvement sparks transformation, both internally and in the broader world. Engaging wholeheartedly at Ignite enriches not just oneself but the entire community.


True expression blossoms from individual uniqueness. It's a gift, shared generously while respecting the recipient's freedom and autonomy.


Being present is Ignite's core. It's a journey to reconnect with your authentic self and bond profoundly with others. It's about real, raw experiences, both internally and with the world outside. No ideology can replace this direct encounter.

Acknowledgement of Country

EO acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land on which we will gather: the Ngandowal and Minyungbal-speaking people of the Bundjalung Country, specifically the Goodjinburra, Tul-gi-gin, and Moorung–Moobah clans. We pay our respects to elders past, present, and emerging, recognising their enduring connection to the land, waters, and community within the Tweed Shire boundaries.